Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers

By Published On: December 7th, 2022

Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers

You don’t have to be a professional golfer to benefit from a little practice – whether you’re looking to wow your friends on the crazy golf course or hone your skills in advance of retirement or joining a club. With access to the driving range, indoor golf simulator and putting green, and some of the best crazy golf in North London, A1 Golf offers a selection of services and experiences that are perfect for the wannabe golfer in your life.

Here’s our pick of the best gift experiences to light up their face this Christmas.

A family Christmas

If you want to inspire your children or plan something fun for the whole family, a day trip to the Dinosaur Safari adventure course is both fun and competitive – providing a healthy outlet for all members of your family. It’s time to fight it out and settle the debate of who really is the best at golf! This can be purchased as a gift card direct through the Dinosaur Safari website or by getting in touch with us.

The driving range: it’s not just for retirees!

Contrary to popular belief, the driving range is a fun and eye-opening place for anyone to spend an afternoon, with the opportunity to try your hand at new golf clubs, practice your swing, and uncover some of the secrets to getting a hole in one.

Access to the driving range can be secured via pre-payment or with the gift of membership – with members getting access to all the A1 Golf facilities including the American Golf Superstore and Dinosaur Adventure golf course.

Gadgets and accessories for under the tree

If you’re seeking the ideal Christmas gift for someone who already loves golf, who has already completed the Dinosaur Safari course, and who spends countless hours already finetuning their technique, here are just a few of the best, most unique gift ideas that they will love this Christmas.

  • Personalised golf balls, so they never get mixed up with those from another hole again
  • A golf mug, so that they can show off and talk about their hobby even when they’re not on the driving range
  • A set of lessons with one of our Tee to Green coaches – offering tips and sessions for players at all levels

With a plethora of gift ideas ranging from experiences to stocking fillers and more, A1 Golf is the ideal go-to this Christmas. Visit our website for more ideas today.

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