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We offer a fresh and modern approach to coaching, aiming to help improve your golf whilst making the experience fun – which is always the best way to learn.

All coaches are PGA Members and pride themselves on their first class service. The strengths and weakness of your game will be identified to form a personalised programme. Tee To Green Coaching always ensures you are coached in the best possible way for your learning styles, helping you to realise your full potential.

Lessons can help you to brush up on your skills or figure out why your game has deteriorated. They are also a very direct way to improve your game once it has reached a plateau. You can also get an expert’s opinion on your equipment, which can save you money in the long run.

Learn Golf, Love Golf!

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Our Coaching

Beginner Group Lessons

There are good and bad golf habits, just like any other game. If you’re a new player, you won’t be able to tell the difference. For example, are you gripping the club properly? If you grip it too tight or too loose, the ball can go almost anywhere. Anywhere except where you want it to! Golf lessons from our coaches provide a solid foundation for developing your skills.

Whether you’ve just started golf, or want to make improvements to your game, the Beginner / Improver group classes could be right for you. For £120 you’ll receive six hours of instructions designated by that Professional.

There will also be the option of “one” catch up session for those that cannot commit to the six sessions. Please contact TTGCOACHING for further details on enquires@teetogreencoaching.com

Player MOT

This unique consultation assesses your whole game in just an hour. Your strengths and weaknesses will be identified to form a detailed programme that meets your individual needs.

The evaluation will help you to achieve and realise your full potential. Areas covered within the evaluation include the golf swing, short game, putting, psychology, bio mechanics & equipment check.

Player MOT only £20.

Tee To Green Junior Coaching

Our Junior Program is a great way for youngsters to get into the game. We work with both boys and girls between the ages 5-15, accommodating all golfing abilities.

Golf is a game for life so learning early will help children to understand honesty, integrity, team building, discipline and gain self confidence.

The cost will be £12 per week. The courses run during term time.

Meet the Pros

Clive is a fully accredited PGA-qualified golf coach with over 30 years’ experience of teaching at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner starting out on your journey into golf or are an accomplished player, Clive’s combination of knowledge, patience and approachability will help you succeed.

He uses a holistic method, and has a particular interest in helping all players to understand how their mindset can affect their play. Clive knows that no two swings are the same and he will work together with you to find the best swing that works. He is TPI-qualified and can help detect any physical limitations which may be contributing to swing flaws and preventing you from achieving your goals.

Without over-complicating things, Clive will provide you with a simple and clear plan to work on in between your lessons and assist you with transferring what you have learned onto the golf course.

Clive also offers on-course lessons to help with your course-management and build-up confidence.

Clive’s vast experience includes teaching European tour players and he was even selected to provide coaching for the Royal household at Windsor castle.

Book a lesson with Clive now and get started on your own personal pathway to improving your golf or beginning your adventure into the great game. You won’t be disappointed!

Clive Dell

grantGrant is an experienced PGA Professional with over a decade of coaching experience who has gained international experience having coached in Europe and the USA.

With good personal and interactive skills Grant will put you at ease quickly. Happy coaching pupils of varying levels of ability, from the starter to the aspiring Professional, elite amateur or golf looking to lower their handicap, Grant has the experience for every level and with his patient, positive and encouraging nature, will ensure he brings out the very best golfer in you.

Grant Sayer

kevinKevin has 18 years experience as a golf professional. During this period he has developed a vast knowledge of the golf swing and the techniques required to improve your performance and lower scores.

He has 10 years coaching experience at the A1 Range where he has a large customer base. All new golfers at any level are welcome. Kevin offers a friendly and enjoyable experience to enhance learning and works on the simple physics, methods and laws of the golf swing that are necessary to produce good golf shots.

Kevin Harrison

My name is Dave Marsden, and I joined the professional golf association when I was 17. During the first year of my career, I have enjoyed a fabulous golfing journey both playing and coaching. I have won several PGA tournaments, shot course records, and coached many players including England, County, Professional and even Ryder cup stars of the future. I also enjoy coaching beginners and golfers with learning disabilities.

I am simply here to help you with your golf, and I am fascinated about how people learn, in essence I want to pass on my golfing knowledge to clients who wish to improve. Knowing how the golfing mind works is very important during coaching and whilst learning.

I have studied this subject in depth for many years and have an extensive knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming having held my own personal development workshops on the subject. Understanding individual learning styles and having the skills to apply a sound technical golfing knowledge is at the heart of my coaching approach.

Dave Marsden
07501 221 143

Richard is an accomplished PGA Professional with eighteen years golf coaching experience and has had international experience coaching in Asia, Europe and UK.

Richard has vast experience working with all levels of golfer’s from the very young taking their first steps into golf to tour professionals and various celebrities.

He has worked with some of the best coaches in the game and taken their years of experience and applied it to his teaching. With sound understanding of biomechanics and the knowledge of flight technology Richard is well equipped to address your golfing needs.

Richard Bailey

Reeves Weedon is a Fellow of the PGA, published author and researcher. He’s been an authorised Master of the Golfing Machine, golf fitness coach of the Titleist Performance Institute and a presenter for the Nick Faldo series of golf.

He specialises in Biomechanics and prevention of lower back injuries in golf. Recently his three year research project(on prevention of lower back injuries)conducted by the College of Human Medicine at the Michigan State university were presented to the 37th International Society of Biomechanics in Sports conference in Ohio,U.S.A.

So if you are looking for how the physical laws of biomechanics create a powerful and safer golf swing -please call 07714650504 for more information.

Reeves Weedon

Russell is a highly motivated and competitive PGA Professional who has been involved in golf for almost 25 years, both as a successful amateur and professional, and is always looking to grow the great game of golf and make it accessible and attractive to all. Whether you’re a lapsed beginner or a regular golfer, Russell will put you at ease and onto a path that will fulfil all your golfing aspirations.

Russell has a passion for coaching golfers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and maintains a very healthy pupil base that includes several county players and fellow professionals.

With experience of setting up and running junior academies including school programmes, after-school clubs and holiday camps Russell is able to ensure that junior golfers learn in a safe but fun environment. As well as being a popular instructor, Russell’s lessons are well-organised and his enthusiastic manner is much appreciated by parents and pupils alike.

Russell’s one-to-one coaching sessions cover all aspects of the game from the full swing, chipping, putting, bunker-play and course management with the ultimate goal of getting his pupils on to the golf course.

With extensive experience in using video analysis packages and other technology-driven coaching tools, Russell is able to get to the root cause of any issue quickly. So, by booking a 60-Minute Player MOT, Russell will be able to assess and evaluate your current game and build a programme of improvement to achieve all your golfing goals.

Russel Porter

Nugget Golf

If you’d like to improve your technique and gain access to expert golf tuition more easily, try Nugget Golf on bays 4 and 11.

This insightful tool helps you to improve your stance, club path and ball striking by detecting and analysing your swing in real time.

With the recorded footage saved to your device, you can then request feedback from our Golf Pros at Tee To Green Coaching. They will observe your swing and respond with advice that’s tailored to you.

Click here to book bay 4 or 11 then sign up online so you’re ready to go. When you arrive, simply scan the QR code on the poster behind the bay and start practising.