Getting Back on the Golf Course After an Accident or Injury

By Published On: April 24th, 2023

Getting Back on the Golf Course After an Accident or Injury

While golf is considered an excellent form of activity for people of all ages, if you don’t control your swing or exercise proper use of the different clubs, you can quickly find yourself suffering from aches and pains and even more specific and targeted injuries – whether or not such injuries are directly caused by the game of golf itself.

One of the most common questions we get asked at our driving range in North London is about returning to golf following an injury or surgical intervention, with this blog sharing a few tips and our recommended outline for training and easing yourself back into the game you love.

First up, making the best use of the resources available here at A1 Golf.

Pick up your clubs on our driving range before letting loose on the course 

Before you start immersing yourself in the complex shots and angles required to putt your ball into the variety of holes across our outdoor course, our first and most important tip would be to start small on our driving range.

With the flexibility to practice different shots with a range of up to 300 yards, our driving range offers an accessible way to ease back into the swing of your club, testing different shots and beginning to build up a strength in your core which holds your muscles in place and helps to avoid future injury or discomfort.

As for getting back into the swing of the game, here are a few tips direct from our onsite pros to help you manage your health and wellbeing as well as your game.

Tips for practising your swing after an injury

Tip one is to start small, and integrate your hands-on golf training with some other activities, stretches, and exercises which warm up the right muscles and allow you to engage your core and other important muscles which affect your posture and swing when playing.

Remember that the golf swing engages a lot more than just your arms and shoulders, so warming up and activating each muscle is key to facilitating a safe return to play. Our advice is to start small with little swings and light taps, before moving into the bigger movements.

Another tip is to breakdown the full swing and rotation into small chunks and individual movements – running through each at different speeds and starting slow. This should mean starting first with no club or ball, then adding a club and eventually making contact with the ball.

The benefit of a driving range

Not only does our driving range in North London provides access to the ideal training facility, but you will also benefit from onsite support from our team who can advise on everything from the best warm-up to tips which will make your swing more effective and your hit more precise.

For more advice or to start your recovery and return to the course with A1 Golf, head to our website or visit us in North London.

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