How to keep practicing in bad weather

By Published On: April 22nd, 2023

How to keep practicing in bad weather

A game which focuses on technique and skill, as well as the ability to judge the distance between the ball’s current position and the next hole it needs to land in, being good at golf is all about practise, trial and error.

And while the spring and summer months present the perfect time to get out and about on golf courses and greenways across the UK, when winter hits most players find themselves relegated to indoor courses, simulators, and the potential of a short game on an unexpectedly sunny day after a dry spell.

As one of the leading golf centres with a golf simulator in North London, we believe that Winter is the best time to hone your skills and practise your technique – with this blog sharing a few tips from our experts on how to make the most of your time off the course and in the simulator.

Why winter is a great time to practise technique

The beauty of practising your golf technique during the winter months lies in the lack of competitive training – allowing you to really focus on hitting more balls and finetuning and tweaking your swing, the contact point, the way you stand and the way you hold the club.

By practising all these aspects of your game in a golf simulator, not only do you have access to more balls in a controlled environment, but you can also use the simulator to mimic play and see where each hit would drive your ball – allowing you to spot areas of your game which need improvement.

Some areas of your gold game to focus on during the winter months

If you’re keen to improve your position as a golf player, here are a few areas to focus on during the winter:

  • Your contact point. Use a simulator or repeat ball play to notice where you hit the ball and how your swing impacts its direction and drive.
  • Your stance. How you stand and how you swing the ball plays a massive part in how it moves, with different stances and swings required depending on whether you are on the putting green or wider out in the field.
  • Your direction. Consider adding lines to your golf balls and using them to line up your swing when putting. This can help you to focus on the way your club contacts the ball and the direction you hit the ball in.

Let A1 Golf help you perfect your game this winter

Here at A1 Golf, we offer access to members and non-members, with our golf simulator, mini golf, and driving ranges all offering year round access to different golf experiences for new and experienced players. Try our golf simulator this winter to get better at your game or brave the outside conditions on the driving range.

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