How to practise golf in the winter

By Published On: December 14th, 2022

How to practise golf in the winter

There are two types of golfers in the world.

There are those who love the sport and are committed to practising and playing in all conditions, who will seek out the nearest golf course wherever they happen to be and will always carry golf balls with them “just in case”.

Then there are the fair weather players, and those who will happily enjoy a sunny day out on the course while designating the rainy days as “clubhouse days”.

Finding a balance between the two means optimising access to our facilities – more specifically inviting players to try our golf simulator in North London during the cold and wet winter months.

How does the golf simulator work?

Located inside our clubhouse facilities, the golf simulator recreates games on a virtual screen, enabling you to adapt and adjust the game to your skill level – practising the shots that need work, and honing the skills you’ve been working on across the driving range. Converting the swing of the simulator club into a powerful hit and 3D motion on screen, the game simulates every aspect of a real life shot – all while letting you know the exact speed and direction of your shot.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a wet weather alternative that mimics your action and transforms it into a shot on the big screen – with added features for more targeted practise and training.

Is the golf simulator as effective as outdoor practice on the driving range?

The beauty of the indoor golf simulator is that it allows you to really focus and target your training session on practising the shots and angles that you struggle with most outside. Without the unavoidable effect of wind speed, sun glare, and pressure from other players on the range, using the indoor golf simulator doesn’t just let you carry on playing on rainy days – it lets you finetune your game so that you play better when you’re back outside.

Book your date with our golf simulator

Ideal for solo practise or engaging in a little competitive training with a friend, the golf simulator can be booked online – with sessions lasting one or two hours, for a maximum of two people at a time. Visit our website to find out more.

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