The Secret to Perfecting Your Putt

By Published On: April 20th, 2023

The Secret to Perfecting Your Putt

It doesn’t matter if you’re practising with a friend on the driving range, playing a game of mini golf with your family, or taking part in a competitive competition – your putting technique is always one of the most important skills you need to master in the game of golf.

And while getting a hole-in-one on our immersive mini golf North London course is near impossible on account of the obstacles carefully positioned to create unforeseen and entertaining challenges, perfecting your putt can certainly help when it comes to cutting down on the number of hits it takes to get your ball in the hole.

In this blog, our experts share a few insider secrets on perfecting your putt – and it all centres around the importance of practise.

Why is the putt so important?

Your putt is the element of your gameplay which sees you able to hit your ball on the short green area towards the hole. Cut short specifically to allow the ball to roll true, and with every course presenting its own challenges and slopes that you need to play against and alongside, you may feel like you’re pretty much there once your ball reaches the putting green – but success depends on the quality of your putting technique.

The components of your gameplay that you need to work on for putting

When it comes to perfecting your putt, you need to consider and pay attention to every element of your play – from the way you hold and grip your club, to the stroke and swing you exhibit on the ball, the way you line up the ball, and your ability to read the green.

Reading the putting green is undoubtedly one of the first and most important things you can do to ensure a near perfect putt, as this will allow you to spot any slopes and potential hazards and either avoid or work with them.
Once your ball is in the green, it pays to have a strong and well-tuned pendulum stroke which will allow you to gently push the ball into the hole. The strength of your putt and the direction you hit it are all impacted by your chosen swing and stroke, so practise the pendulum and get used to working with the ground around you.

Finally, consider using the line trick on your golf balls while practising your putt. By drawing lines on your ball, you are better able to align your club and control the direction of the hit. Not to mention, it will train you in really focussing on where the ball is and what its position is in line with the hole.
All these secrets will not only finetune your putting technique but your gameplay on the golf course – and here at A1 Golf, we provide a multitude of opportunities to put these tips into practise on our mini golf course, driving range, simulator, and more.

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